Japan day 3: Ueno park Street food and more

We spent our morning (with jetlag finally beaten) wandering round Ueno park, jostling past the crowds of families and kids on their way to the zoo.

We had planned to eat our lunch in Asakusa but instead were interested in what many of the families were having, sticks of delicious looking Street food. So instead we followed them. We liked what we found…

Anyone for whole fish on a stick – literally no idea how you’re meant to eat this
Duck and leek yakitori slathered in teriyaki
Mini okonomiyaki, an eggy pancake filled with shredded cabbage and veg
Steamed mushroom bao, the veggie version is just as good as the meat


The afternoon was spent wandering from Ueno to Asakusa through areas filled with beautiful kitchenware shops, drooling at Japanese fine quality super expensive knives and beautiful shining ceramics. We visited Senso-ji a stunning temple with a giant red lantern. It was packed with people at prayer, lighting votive incense sticks, burning them and wafting the smoke over their families to bring good fortune and intelligence.

Senso-ji temple

Exhausted after a lot of walking and a lot of drooling over a variety of beautiful Japanese wares we headed over to Ebisu to meet my friend for dinner at what was to be my favourite meal of the trip so far.

We went to what is essentially a chain of fish market style restaurants where the freshest day’s catch is served. Uoshin is no ordinary chain, each restaurant is different and the fish is oh so fresh, we ate plenty of it here.

Fresh and unusual sashimi, I can’t remember what most of these kinds of fish were but most I’d never seen before
Tuna wrapped in shiso leaf, a herby delight
Grilled fresh bamboo shoots, no canned crap here!


Remarkably meaty grilled tuna, meaty heaven
A deep fryer of delight, veg tempura and katsu flounder with tartare sauce

And that, my friends was our third day in Japan.

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