Chanukah Latkes with a twist


After a bit of a quiet spell with a lurgy going round it’s finally feeling festive around here. The fairy lights are out and sparkling, the mince pies are being consumed and the Festival of Lights has arrived, Chanukah.

Traditionally, for eight days we’ll light candles, spin dreidels and my personal favourite tradition; eat oily foods (if you want to know why click here). Doughnuts and latkes are the foods of choice and being a savoury gal here’s my take on delicious potato latkes with a bit of a difference.

5 large potatoes
2 med onions
3 cups kale
2 tsp ground cumin
2 eggs
1/4 cup plain flour
Salt and pepper

1. Peel and grate the potatoes and onions, drain.


2. Wash and carefully drain the kale, remove all stalks and finely chop.


3. Place grated potato, onion and kale in a bowl and mix. Transfer mixture to a cloth, twist and drain thoroughly.
4. Add the eggs, cumin and flour to the mix and season with at least 3 tbsp salt.
5. Heat the oven to 180 degrees C.
6. In a large pan, add a shallow level of vegetable oil (or whatever healthy oil you have) and heat thoroughly.
7. Take a handful of potato mixture and form into a smooth ball in your palm, then squash down with a spatula to make an inch thick patty.


8. Fry 3 patties at a time in the pan til browned and cooked through – finish off in the oven if not cooked through.
9. Serve with homemade garlic alioli – this is really simple and easy to make, just mix 5 large tbsp mayo with 1 small garlic clove pounded in a pestle and mortar and 1 tbsp water, mix thoroughly.


Now that’s a way to celebrate a festival! Chanukah sameach!! (Happy Chanukah!)

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