Lockdown lunches 7: Burrata pasta

Spring is coming!! And things might actually get back to some semblance of normal some time soon! 🙏

Optimism is slowly trickling back along with a teeny tiny bit more sun.

So whilst we can’t all yet jet off and sit on a beach or in some delicious Italian restaurant, we can easily bring the feel of that home.

I’ve been so impressed by what we’re now able to get hold of in supermarkets here and I have to say burrata is hands down my favourite fancy supermarket find. Splashing out on just one nice ingredient really elevates a whole meal (and my mood!)

So sit back and enjoy a taste of sunshine. Glasses of red at the ready, here’s a super simple midweek dinner you will want to give a try. And before you ask Galbani burrata is on Sainsburys, Tesco and Ocado so not hard to get your hands on (it’s not quite Circo Popolare fancy but it’ll do for home cooking!)

When cooking the sauce it pays massively to cook it a while so the flavour properly comes together and I also find great quality chopped tomatoes make it that bit better too. But if strapped for time, a good way to cheat is by adding umami flavour enhancers like a little stock, or anchovy paste or balsamic vinegar, keep tasting til you get that delicious rounded tomato sauce flavour. And yes I wrote extra virgin olive oil twice in the ingredients because I use a ton of it, it’s delicious, sod the calories.

Give it a try it really is a little taste of holiday at home!🍷🍝



– 1 Galbani burrata

– 1/2 pack linguine

– Extra virgin olive oil

– 400g tinned tomatoes (recommend Mutti brand can buy from Ocado)

– 1 small onion finely chopped

– 2 cloves garlic pressed

– Mixed olives finely sliced

– Handful torn fresh basil

– 1/2 tsp sugar

– Extra virgin olive oil


1. Make the tomato sauce low and slow, I promise it’ll be worth it! Fry the onions in a good glug of olive oil on low heat until completely soft and caramelised

2. Add the garlic and mix in. Then add the chopped tomatoes, olives the sugar and a little more olive oil and cook on low for half an hour ideally or as long as you can(adding a bit of water if it starts to dry. Season with plenty of salt and pepper

3. Meanwhile boil a pot of water with plenty of salt and cook your linguine

4. When pasta is al dente, pour your sauce over and mix together fully over a low heat

5. Pour the pasta out onto a long shallow dish, place your burrata proudly in the middle and cut into it so it releases its gorgeous cream over your pasta

6. Finish with some torn fresh basil leaves, a little glug of olive oil and some cracked black pepper